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Some of our collections are supplied ready to wear by brands while others are supplied unstitched. Unstitched collections go through our stitching service before being made available at our store in London and on our website at as stitched and ready to wear Pakistani dresses. 

Our dresses are mostly stitched as per the style shown in brands' fashion shoot images. Brands do not supply accessories with their products, these are procured separately by  us. Therefore, the style and quantity of accessories may vary depending on availability at the time of stitching. 

As per requirements of our clientele, certain elements such as low backs, drop shoulders and sleeveless dresses are adjusted to standard backs, standard shoulders and with sleeves attached.

From time to time, brands show certain elements for illustration purposes only which are not included in the end retail product. As such there can be a possibility of variation.

A common question from those that are unfamiliar with the fact that Pakistani brands release unstitched collections is whether the suits are stitched exactly the same as the illustrative photoshoot of the brand. A misconception being where the suit is not identical to the image, it may not be original. In reality, everyone buying these unstitched collections gets them stitched to their own liking. Likewise, our stitching of these original unstitched collections is as explained above and the suits will vary from the brands' illustrative photoshoot image.  

You can view pictures and videos of our stitched Pakistani suits on our social media channels. We regularly post pictures and videos of dresses stitched by us on our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok feeds.